Office spaces


Zacaria Business Center

A brand new project, made by Zacaria destinated for modern new office spaces.

Perfect location- within Zacaria Retail Center Sibiu, Zacaria Business Center is a few kilometers from the entrance to the A1 Sibiu-Nădlac highway and very close to Sibiu International Airport.

Through this project Zacaria offers custom made, modern, industrial-like open office spaces for rent.

Because we know how important it is for a company to find a place proper for it’s brand image, the client can customize with our project team the newly rented office.

The first floor has 1105 sqm available.

This space can be rented also partially, with the condition that the total rented surface must be  minimum 500 sqm.

At the second floor we have 434 sqm available.

For more details download the brochure here.

Why rent an office in Zacaria Business Center?

-Quality and comfort-Zacaria does not compromise on quality, and when this is combined with comfort, office work becomes more tempting than home office.

  • Precast concrete structure
  • PVC carpentry (5 rooms, 3 sheets of glass)
  • Tiled floors with carpet
  • Access to own lodge
  • Kitchenette/dining area
  • HVAC installations: VRV type heating and cooling system with individual thermostat

-Eco friendly/ bill friendly – By using solar panels and installing more charging stations for electric cars we want to add a green component to this sector which will also lead to lower maintenance costs.

Also, with the increase in the number of electric cars, the need for charging stations increases. Zacaria will provide charging stations for electric cars both in the indoor and the outdoor parking places.


– Service charge included – problems related to the functionality of the space, which can be generated by various situations, are no longer the tenant’s problem, but the owner’s.


– Parking – will never a problem. There is both outdoor and indoor/ basement parking that ends with an elevator leading directly to the office area.

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